Capital should be in solid hands — 1 reactie

  1. Thank you for your sharp analysis and innovative proposal.

    What you are proposing is an altruistic strategy which, if it develops a truly reciprocal altruistic character, can help mankind progress in terms of stability, sustainability and justice.

    However i don’t trust that this will work.

    And if it does not work, the people who have contributed will have have lost their security and comfort to which they and their offspring were entitled by the ownership of the capital they gained themselves or through the will of their ancestors, while the people who are exploiting the capitalist system (lets call them predators) as described have gained yet another concentration of capital in their hands.

    If the capital is controlled by an elite as proposed, how do you safeguard that this elite does not degenerate in an oligopoly directed at self-interest, as we have seen over and over again in history.

    Also as you indicate yourself, we cannot do away with private capital ownership altogether. There needs to be an appreciation of what is allowed as a fair amount of private capital and what is excessive. A house which was earned by saving, savings for retirement and education of offspring. Are these permissible? So is a capital of €300k permissible or should it be more or less?