Wockelian Religion — 3 reacties

  1. Why someone, who was for a long time falling down, should be worshipped, is beyond my comprehension.

  2. (via administrator)
    Believing comes before thinking?

    In fact everything we think we know is also something we believe. But there are graduations: some believes are founded in consistency between observations and thinking, others in thinking (as you can think about the future of mankind; here you can never know for sure but in the end only believe) and others maybe in accepting a certain set of values as guidance for life. For rationalists, even here thinking precedes believing.

  3. @Philip For rationalists even here thinking precedes believing.

    It’s not that easy. Thinking always starts from a beliefsystem (a) then (rational) thinking is the process of (critically) comparing observations (among them other beliefsystems and the thinkers own feelings) with the one the thinker holds at present, possibly ending in adopting beliefsystem (b) if that gives a better fit to the observations. For Wubbo every thinking person must draw the same conclusion, thus disregarding the possibility that the conclusion he has drawn is false or, what seems more the case, his observations are very limited and not critically evaluated (thought about).